New project : Tweets Inspector

Libre and open-source software written in C# that allows to list, filter and delete tweets from a Twitter account.

Tweets Inspector page

How to use Hebrew Words and Hebrew Letters to translate the Bible

Video "How to translate the Torah and the Bible using Hebrew Words and Hebrew Letters" :

Release of "L'alphabet hébreu" booklet

The booklet "L'alphabet hébreu", complementary to the Hebrew Letters software, has been published at

Release of Hebrew Words

A tool for the literal translation of the Hebrew Bible: GitHub.
Project description

Release of Hebrew Letters

A tool for the lettriq study of hebrew words: GitHub.
Project description

Release of Hebrew Calendar

A tool to generate a daily calendar based on the lunar cycle in order to determine the new year and the celebration times according to the hebrew Torah: GitHub.
Project description

Release of Manufacturing Software Guidelines v0.3alpha

Recommendations to create software: GitHub

GitHub repositories creation

Repositories for current projects were created on GitHub: