Prices and rates

Conception rates

The following rates are indicated as informative as they depend on your needs as well as useful modules:

WordPress setupfrom 50 €
Personalized website or CMS packagefrom 250 €
Third party module integration (excluding donation or purchase)from 10 €
Page design or updateabout 25 to 50 €
Shop element design or updateabout 5 to 25 €
Hourly rate for specific study, development and documentation75 €

Web administration services

If you do not have a domain name and a hosting plan, they can be purchased separately or with the same offer.

You can secure all the browsing of your website with SSL certificates.

Regarding the referencing, you can use specialized services.

Accounts setup / Website installationfrom 25 €
Archiving operation / Third party module updatefrom 25 €
Hourly rate for technical and administration assistance75 €

Sample for a website

WordPress website package* with 4 information pages450 €
+ Newsletter, forum, gallery**550 €
+ Paypal shop with 10 articles750 €
+ Bilingual option1000 €

* Theme design, image editing and installation not included
** Licenses costs or donations not included

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