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Ordisoftware™ was launched in 2008 by Olivier Rogier and its purpose is to provide services since 2004 in websites design and in software development.

Ordisoftware™ is an alias invented by the author using the french word Ordinateur and the english word Software. This name under which his professional activity is exercised since 2004 as a freelancer is not a company nor an organization.

The domains,,,,, and are registered for this activity.


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The following information is stored in the cookies' space of your web browser: reading language and WordPress data.

This website does not collect any advertising data or personal information other than those mentioned in the previous section.

Data collected by the website

The following information are automatically collected and solely for statistical purposes for a period not exceeding twelve months: country, city, type of operating system, screen resolution, browser's name and pages viewed.

This site does not record your IP address in application of the GDPR and the use of Google Analytics is done by anonymization.

Information entered directly such as the name and the e-mail address are utilized exclusively in the scope of this website activity and they are not transferred to third parties.

Data collection by downloadable software

The software available on this website doesn't collect any personal information about you, your computer and your network, unless it is specified by their features.

However, they can collect for debugging purposes the type of processor and operating system as well as errors caused by the code, but these information are only stored locally and only transmitted upon conscious validations by the user.

Access and modification rights

The processing of personal data is declared to the CNIL according to the Norme simplifiée N°48 under reference 1264692 on November 26, 2007.

According to the French computer and liberty law of January 6, 1978, you have a right to access, modify and delete your data.


Photos and images

Photos between the top menu and pages content come from GnomeArt and are published under Creative Commons BY or BY-SA and Free Art License licenses.

Drawings and photos within texts of the description of the services come from Microsoft Word and are subject to terms of use.

Documents and brochures

Downloadable documents such as information brochures are distributed according to their own license indicated by their content, the legal standard copyright is appliquable by default.

Software and source code

Software and source code published on this website are licensed under their own license.

Editorial content and diagrams

Editorial content and diagrams are registered at Copyright Depot and are protected by intellectual property rights under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International  license - attribution of the work to the author, no commercial use and no derivative works made by the user.

External resources

Links to external resources and websites are listed for informational purposes and they do not engage any responsibility.

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