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I am a computer scientist and analyst-programmer experienced in C# Desktop development, as well as a victim of a state crime, alert launcher, anti-sects and supporter of the nationalization of the health-aid-justice system by virtue of article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and articles 9-11 of the Preamble of the French Constitution.

With more than thirty-five years of experience, my abilities for the data conceptualization and processing have led me to collaborate with large companies as well as reputable medical and financial institutions.

Programming is both a profession and a hobby, a passion that never ceases to amaze me as I learn because of the almost infinite possibilities of creation.

Neuroatypical partially deaf and hard of hearing, I am a student of physical and biological sciences, as well as Hebrew Torah. And despite my locomotor handicap, I persevered in software development, and I write books to share my knowledge.


My adventure in the computer world began at the age of ten when school introduced me to the first lines of code on a machine equipped with a keyboard and a screen. An hour later, I told myself that when I grew up, I would be a programmer.

Like some pioneers of my generation, I devoured books and magazines. I read and reread them until I knew the keywords of the language by heart and mastered the inner workings of this powerful interactive calculator. I practiced typing listings of small games and system hacks by hand, then I created my own programs.

I also bought some games, then people from schools showed me how to copy the tapes to exchange them. They later began giving me copies of software on floppy disks which I accepted without knowing the value of the work done.

In college, the career counselor recommended that I study in IUT Informatique then an engineering school depending on my results. I fully embraced this idea, even though I still had a lot to learn. But it didn't go as planned and I couldn't take most of the classes after the baccalaureate.

Since my beginnings in the field of languages, I have worked with Basic, Assembly, C++, Delphi, etc. I devoted a lot of effort to acquiring the skills necessary to succeed, and thanks to the support of my professor of analysis and design of information systems as well as my first project manager, I learned the fundamental principles of my profession beyond code and techniques.


I discovered microcomputers in December 1983 and I bought a Thomson TO7-70 in 1984 then a TO9 in 1986, an Atari 520-ST in 1988, a PC-XT in 1990, next I assembled a PC i486 in 1995, a PC Athlon in 2002, a PC Core-i5 in 2009, a PC Core-i7 in 2014, and a PC Ryzen 7-5800X en 2021.

Thanks to courses and books I learned Basic, Assembly, C and C++ as well as Pascal and some Logo and Prolog. Then after working with Delphi for commercial companies, I specialized in C#.

In 2004, a chiropractor, protected by the authorities, the medical orders, the victim support associations and the insurance companies which harm me with impunity to this day, severely tore my back.

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