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I am a computer Scientist, analyst-programmer and C# desktop expert developer. I am victim of a state crime, alert launcher, anti-sects and supporter of the nationalization of the health-aid-justice system according to article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and articles 9-11 of the Preamble of the French Constitution.

I was born in 1973. I'm partially deaf and hard of hearing since 1984. I am thus became neuroatypical. I study the physical and biological sciences since 1992 as well as the Hebrew Torah since January 2004. I am physically disabled since April 2004. I write software and books since end of 2011 about what I'm learning. Programming is a passion both as a job and as a leisure that one never tire of as there are so many things to discover, to learn and to achieve. My main aptitude is the object code and the conceptualization of the data and its processing.

I was brought up with Basic, Assembly, C and C++ languages. When I was ten, the school has put a computer in my hands and one made me write a program on this machine equipped with a keyboard and a screen. One hour later, I said to myself that when I grew up, I would be a programmer. As some of the first generation, I read some books and magazines. I read and reread them to know by heart the keywords of the language and to know how to control the elements of the machine. I entered by hand codes of little games and system hacks. Then I started writing my own programs. At first I bought a few games, then people from schools showed me how to copy the tapes to exchange them, and then they began to give themselves lots of software copies on floppy disks I accepted without knowing the value of the work. The low secondary school guidance counselor told me that the best for me was to make an "IUT informatique", and next an engineer school according to my results. I was entirely agreed even if I knew nothing about many things. But it did not go very well as planned and I did not follow the three quarters of courses. However, I had a very good teacher of analysis and design of information systems. Then my first project leader taught me everything there was to know in outline on my business and I has worked for major companies and big medical and financial organizations.

I thus discovered microcomputers in December 1983 and I bought a Thomson TO7-70 in 1984 then a TO9 in 1986, an Atari 520-ST in 1988, a PC-XT in 1990, next I assembled a PC i486 in 1995, a PC Athlon in 2002, a PC Core-i5 in 2009 and a PC Core-i7 in 2014. Thanks to courses and books I learned Basic, Assembly, C and C++ as well as Pascal and some Logo and Prolog. Then after working with Delphi for companies, I specialized in C#. In 2004, a chiropractor, protected by the authorities, the medical orders, the victim support associations and the insurance companies which harm me with impunity to this day, severely tore my back.

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