New year 2021

That the medico-social and juridical-judicial organization of the health-help-justice system, which is currently unconstitutional and illegal, because it is privatized and trades in the protection of people's lives and properties, while it is a contractual prerogative of the Republic, and which leads the public territorial committees of the State and therefore the government and the administrations, finally agrees to respect the laws in force and therefore human life, by claiming its nationalization and therefore its officialization, for its own survival, for the survival of the population, for the survival of the nation, for the survival of nations, and for the survival of the specie, as required by logic and in particular by articles 9 to 11 of the Preamble of the French Constitution, article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article R4127-19 of the Public Health Code, in order to solve the problem of the public debt and to save the victims of the privatization and of the wicked. Instead of asserting that lying, abuse of power, withdrawal of fundamental rights, denial of justice, torture and murder are a legal righteousness well-founded not subject to appeal, neither prohibited nor punished by a code of law in force, for the exclusive benefit of this organization.