1973 Birth.
1983 Discovery of computing on a Thomson TO7.
1986 Computer aided communication software through composition of reusable words and sentences with the mouse in Basic TO9.
1987 Multi-level game like Pacman in Basic TO9.
1988 Adventure graphic game with textual commands in Basic TO9.
1989 Drawing program similar to Colorpaint in Basic TO9.
1990 Analysis software of the WISC-R intelligence test in Dos Turbo Basic.
1990 Analysis software of academic performance in Dos Turbo Basic.
1992 Bachelor's degree C with computer science option.
1992 Studies in higher mathematics (interrupted due to infection).
1993 Studies in medical science (registration made following the obligation to abandon the higher mathematics course and due to the lack of financial means, compromised by chronic infections and then finally my desire to study computer science).
1995 Studies in computer science (degree not obtained because of a dozen roadhogs).
1996 Dos library in C and Assembler allowing the management of memory, of input devices and of a SVGA multi-window interface, used to develop in C ++ a 3D objects and virtual worlds animation engine in wire, shading and gouraud.
1997 Functional prototype under Unix C/XWindow/Motif allowing isolation, colorization and zooming of regions of interest on brain imaging data recovered from the medical diagnostic device.
1997 Mainframes assembly.
1998 Improvement of an Access application for administrative management allowing the edition of an analysis report of pharmacological samples.
1998 Realization of business components in Delphi DCOM multitier and Oracle, a multithreaded server, and interactive graphical modules allowing the monitoring and the control of embedded systems and tickets for parkings of vehicles.
1999 Migration to Windows, in Delphi with Access and Quick Report, of a dozen Dos applications used for monetary inventory management and accounting clients, through the development of components integrated in a business and graphic framework allowing the dynamic generation of edition forms and of printable documents.
2000 Production tool in Delphi and Oracle with PowerAMC to generate, edit and compile Java code based on two frameworks, business and graphical.
2001 Improvement of three applications in Dos Pascal DBase3 and assistance to users of a secretariat bank.
2002 Multi-user system in Delphi performing automated archiving to the GED Easyware, of the association of customer orders fax, scanned and converted into email for Outlook, with their input on IBM AS/400, using Client Access Express, and generating operating statistics.
2003 Delphi module communicating with a server that performs the monitoring of Mobile Web applications, through TCP object events and the implementation of application scenarios.
2003 Maintenance of Delphi business applications. Audit of an intranet technical development Java platform ATG Dynamo, Documentum 4i eBusiness and Web Publisher.
2004 Fatal bodily trauma caused by a human third party.
2006 HTML website with information on bodily injuries and locomotor care.
2006 Serious bodily trauma then fatal chemical trauma caused by human third parties.
2008 Website of Ordisoftware.com with WordPress and Atahualpa theme.
2009 Website of a natural medicine practitioner with WordPress.
2014 Website of Asher 'Haïm HaLevi with Google Sites then WordPress.
2018 Fatal chemical trauma with serious bodily trauma caused by human third parties.
2019 Software that help to study and translate the Torah and the Hebrew Bible : Hebrew Calendar, Hebrew Letters and Hebrew Words.
2019 Serious bodily trauma caused by a human third party.