Quality charter

Technical and graphical charter

Ordisoftware™ develops your Windows, Web and DotNet application mainly in C#.NET with Visual Studio, in Object Pascal with Delphi, in ASP.NET and PHP for Web modules, with SQL Server, mySQL, SQLite, Access and Oracle databases.

The ergonomic of graphic interfaces is thought to combine the ease of the use, the clarity of the presentation and the esthetic of the overall result, in order to carry out the objectives with the best performances and to provide an optimal administration.

The program is guaranteed one year, except of technical problems depending on hardware, network, and domain name and host suppliers. The entire work is provided to you on a digital medium.

Steps to making software

The phases of your data-processing project take place in four successive and retroactive steps that are imbricated one inside the other:

  • The analysis defines « what to make » by specifying the technical elements to conceive to manage the entities and the data of your domain.
  • The design defines « how to make » by identifying the items which make the program essential, as well as the choices to achieve them. Sketching the database and the user interface provides an indication of the tasks of development and the relevance of the selected solutions.
  • The implementation is the writing of individual software components previously defined in an object-oriented language that provides quality, reliability, robustness, modularity, scalability and safety of the processings.
  • The quality testing is an audit of the code, the checking the data coherence and the validation of the use of the program.

When there is no longer any step to perform, no action to be taken, that everything works smoothly and that the desired result is reached, the software is considered as finished and it is ready for deployment and allocation to the maintenance cycle.

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