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#CopyrightTrolling falls under #phishing with images posted on the Internet, for example to amuse people, keeping the originals for future mass compensation claims all over the planet including France by betting with computer magic on the ignorance, the clumsiness and the negligence of people, more than the malevolence, including of the courts. This kind of thing is more of a "coup monté" by abuse than a scam.

This method, very stringed up and crafty, the widespread use of which has only just begun, would have been thought up in the years 2000 to 2010, shortly before the current craze for animated GIFs and Memes to which many people have become accustomed, whereas photos of animals and cats were taking off, even before the appearance of large social networks which have, so to speak, replaced the scattered discussion forums by offering software interfaces that are more beautiful, more advanced, more ergonomic, more efficient and more standardized that run on increasingly powerful server farms to support the number of connections and the amount of data.

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Here is the technique, it's just a possible and very easy process, one of the variants: one take a nice photo of a known person who does not necessarily need to know, one post it on a big website and nowhere else in order to prove its existence on a given date but in such a way as to make it almost impossible to find it on a search engine even by an AI, the best being a priori to do this between countries of different languages. Then someone anonymously broadcasts a facsimile, for example a funny animated GIF, generally of poor quality. One can of course do that with anything: a photo in a street, an office, a store, a landscape… and even the animals that people love so much. Everything is usable, animated or not. And a few years later, automatic sniffing robots are used all over the Web in search of victims, the number of which will continually grow with the new, so-called young generations, thanks to powerful image recognition algorithms, but it is possible to do that by hand.

It is the same technique as spam, phishing or other, for the purpose of abusing current legal procedures in France and around the world: it is even a kind of ransomware subject to the criminal prosecution to be imprisoned and the exorbitant monetary sums claimed can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and even several hundred thousand. One can also do this in a targeted way if one want to harm this or that person.

Anyone using social networks or who has a personal or commercial website can become a victim because "we all love images and clichés"; young and old, poor and rich, weak and powerful, ignorant and learned, and even schools or town halls as well as retirees and sick people, including search engine organizations can be abused in addition to serving as the basis for technique against businesses, institutions, associations, and individuals. On the condition of course of mentioning a method of contact such as an email, a web form or a postal address; tracking and hacking or even piracy can be used to obtain this method.

Because even by being careful, this implacable and indiscriminate system of cases and people tracks down the slightest flaw and relaxes in the precautions taken, as well as the slightest error of attention, and once the so-called compensation procedure has been initiated, nothing will stops that else sometimes the judges on the question of the originality of the image which is a condition as subjective as it is vague and arbitrary since it designates the distinction that humans make between what is artistic and what is not; but that is not at all the question and the object of the dispute and the prejudice in what is called a scam by many specialists.

And in the event of a win in the civil case, nothing prevents the prosecutor from taking charge of the rest of the operations in order to criminalize and break the victims.

To be prohibited to avoid possible individual and collective disasters.

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Duration of preparation and framing: 10 seconds. Hold duration: 5 seconds. Duration to apply a free SEPIA-type filter online: 1 minute to choose from the list. Duration of retouching with GIMP to correct red eyes and lighting with shadowing : 2 to 3 minutes. Total: 5 minutes maximum including the file transfer from the Lumia and sends online the result to Gravatar. Duration to orient and add border for this page: 1 click in MS Word. Attention anyone using it on his site will be prosecuted for 1000€ ... no I'm kidding. There is a defect with a crease in the bedspread but I didn't bother to correct it because I don't have the know-how but people don't imagine what can be done for decades with the even animated images. Moreover nowadays we can change, remove or blur the background of the video in real time for 30 euros the software if the free mode is not enough and we want more options to do as on a TV set.

But here is a real work of art and whether we like it or not has nothing to do with a press or meeting photo taken over coffee and to which one adds a blur in one click.