Quality charter

Technical and graphical charter

The preliminary study of your requirements is included in a basic package which comprises the creation of the website structure, a home page, a presentation page, a contact page and an about page.

You choose or submit a template, with the possibility of including graphic titles and buttons, as well as a multilingual system. You provide all the elements such as texts, pictures, logos and animations.

Pages are created based on your digital documents and their design corresponds typically to a fitting of your contents on a A4 format, whatever the size of items and paragraphs, and thus the necessary number of screens for the viewing.

The study of your activity and the establishment of information to be presented to your public can be an additional service. You can appeal to the services of a graphic webdesigner to conceive an advanced template and animations.

Your website is habitually build in three steps: a model which you can adapt is submited to you, then you follow the course of the creation during which you indicate your preferences, the website is then finalized and it is ready to be installed on a public or private space, or on your technical platform.

Sell your services and your products

Through secure online payments technologies, your services and your articles are presented by categories and are thus emphasized to your customers who select items of their choices in a basket.

When an order is validated, a notification contains information necessary to its processing.

If your activity requires a true e-commerce solution with customer accounts, it can be established. It is also possible to use phone or check payments.

Component integration

The integration of Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET, Flash and Silverlight components provides the interactivity and the attractiveness needed for the usability of your website:

  • News, information and expression.
  • Message board.
  • Galleries of digital files.
  • Multimedia music and video players.
  • Multiple choice queries and surveys.
  • Management of public and private meetings.
  • Collaborative working.
  • Content Management Systems.

Others elements depend on your project: all is possible or almost.

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