About Copyright Trolling

#CopyrightTrolling falls under #phishing with images posted on the Internet, for example to amuse people, keeping the originals for future mass compensation claims all over the planet including France by betting with computer magic on the ignorance, the clumsiness and the negligence of people, more than the malevolence, including of the courts. This kind of thing is more of a "coup monté" by abuse than a scam.

This method, very stringed up and crafty, the widespread use of which has only just begun, would have been thought up in the years 2000 to 2010, shortly before the current craze for animated GIFs and Memes to which many people have become accustomed, whereas photos of animals and cats were taking off, even before the appearance of large social networks which have, so to speak, replaced the scattered discussion forums by offering software interfaces that are more beautiful, more advanced, more ergonomic, more efficient and more standardized that run on increasingly powerful server farms to support the number of connections and the amount of data.

  Compilation d'articles sur le Copyright Trolling

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