Hebrew Words


Ordisoftware™ Hebrew Words is a libre and open-source software written in C# that helps for the literal word-for-word translation of the Torah and Hebrew Bible.

Mozilla Public License 2.0


  • Translate verses word-for-word with various helper tools and spell checker.
  • Contextual menu for a word to search online its definition, to see already translated, to search it in database, or to study it in Hebrew Letters.
  • Contextual menu for a verse to read it online, to manage bookmarks, to export, or to import.
  • Search the Tanak for Hebrew or translated words with filters.
  • Determine hidden verses of Pessah kabalah according to the Equidistant Letter Sequence of 50 for Tav.
  • Window showing a board of editable books.
  • Window showing a board of parashot with descriptions.
  • Window showing a grammar guide.
  • Window showing some Tanak's statistics.
  • MS Word export of a book, a chapter or a verse.
  • Links to various online resources.
  • English, French.


"Well-designed Hebrew Bible app that can serve both as an exploratory tool, as well as a way to perform exact translations"


  • Screen 1024x768 or higher.
  • Works under Windows 7 x32/x64 or higher.
  • Requires the Framework .NET 4.8 included.
  • Uses SQLite 3.39.2 included.
  • C# source code included.
  • Windows Defender, Malwarebytes and VirusTotal verified.
  • SHA512: dcba8df6f8ffd3a5262c41b5200751edfe71a6e35bb48781a679dbbce5ec688f79e02f22a8c01bc1483cf79e39581c0510076352876fbf3262729389fc90b363

  Hebrew Words 3.17.1

Size: 28.7 MiB
Upload: 26 January 2019
Update: 10 May 2024
Last download: 27 May 2024
Total downloads: 1,832

French Tanak database decoded by the author

What's new

Version 3

  • SQLite ODBC Driver is no more needed.
  • Overall performances are optimized.
  • Added and improved keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added verse navigator in the verses view panel.
  • Added option to render only current verse or all of the chapter.
  • Added book name translation text box in the navigation panel.
  • Added chapter title and memo text boxes in the navigation panel.
  • Added buttons to edit book and chapter memos in the navigation panel.
  • Added online search a word for several providers : Pealim, Sefaria, Wiktionary, Google, Bing...
  • Added filter verses view panel.
  • Added parashot board with literal translations, lettriqs, verses references, study tools, edition and export.
  • Added options to choose mouse actions on words and verses.
  • Added menu for web links.
  • Added theming options.
  • Added usage statistics form in tools menu.
  • Added command line options.
  • Improved search options.
  • Improved about box.
  • Improved message boxes.
  • Improved check update.
  • Improved debugger.
  • Many fixes and improvements.
  • Changelog



Frequently asked questions

What code analyzers are used in addition to Visual Studio?

Parallel Helper
Parallel Checker
Async Method Name Fixer
U2U Consult Performance Analyzers
Security Code Scan
Puma Scan

What to do if the check update tells that the SSL certificate is wrong or expired?

The software verifies the validity of the certificate of the update server in addition to the SHA-512 checksum of the installation file before downloading and running it.

You can manually check the latest version available online in case of problem.

What to do if the application does not work normally despite restoring settings?

Use the Start Menu link:

Ordisoftware\Hebrew Words\Reset Hebrew Words settings

This will erase all settings as well as those of old versions, which should resolve issues if there is a conflict, otherwise please contact support.

What is the Windows double-buffering?

When enabled, this will speed up rendering of the main form when it is displayed, but it may cause a slight black flicker.

When disabled, top menu and some controls painting may cause latency, and dynamic items can be generated slowly the larger the number.

What to do if there is a problem with the display?

The refresh view button of the menu at the top redraws the entire form.

Why all verses of a chapter are not rendered?

Due to Windows Forms limitation, some chapters with too many verses cannot be fully rendered.

In this case, one verse at a time should be used.

List of chapters concerned:

  • Bereshit 24 (67)
  • Bamidbar 7 (89)
  • Devarim 28 (69)
  • Melakim I 8 (66)
  • Tehilim 118 (176)

The software sometimes runs slowly, is this normal?

Yes, because implementing features requires a lot of Windows resources that depends on the performance of the computer.

In this case, one verse at a time should be used.

Command-line options

  • Change interface language (does not change the database):

Ordisoftware.Hebrew.Words.exe --lang [en|fr]

  • Go to a reference like "1.1.1" or "bereshit 1.1" or "genesis/genèse 1.1":

Ordisoftware.Hebrew.Words.exe --verse [reference]

  • Search a word in the database using unicode "בראשית" or hebrew font "ty>arb":

Ordisoftware.Hebrew.Words.exe --word [word]

  • Search a translation of a word in the database like "elohim":

Ordisoftware.Hebrew.Words.exe --translated [word]

All diacritics and case are removed, and if the word can't be processed it is set to empty.

If any Hebrew Unicode chars is present, all non Unicode are removed, else Hebrew font chars are used and all non-font chars are removed.

These options can be used to control the software when it is already running, but if this case this only works for administrator users.

How to open a verse reference from a selected sentence from any application such as browser or text editor?

It is possible to use AutoHotKey to define for example this Shift + Ctrl + Alt + V command on a selected word:

  clipboardOld := ClipboardAll
  ControlGetFocus, ctrl
  Send, ^c
  sleep 100
  word := Clipboard
  Clipboard := clipboardOld
  appPath := "C:\Program Files\Ordisoftware\Hebrew Words\Bin\"
  appExe := "Ordisoftware.Hebrew.Words.exe"
  cmdLine := appPath appExe " --verse " word
  sleep 200
  Run %cmdLine%

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + Tab Next view
Shift + Ctrl + Tab Previous view
F1 Chapter verses view
F2 Chapter translation view
F3 Filter verses view
F4 or Alt + F Search in database view
F5 Original Hebrew text view
F6 ELS50 verses view
F7 or Shift + Ctrl + F Go to reference
F9 or Ctrl + R Refresh
Ctrl + B Books board
Ctrl + P Parashot board
Ctrl + Shift + T Normalize texts
Ctrl + Alt + F or Ctrl + F5 Display verses by update date
Ctrl + Alt + I Import console
Ctrl + Alt + S Tanak's statistics
Alt + C Calculator
Ctrl + H Open Hebrew Letters
Ctrl + G Open grammar guide
Ctrl + O Open verse context menu
Ctrl + W Open word context menu
Ctrl + T See already translated for the focused Hebrew word
Ctrl + K Search in database for the focused Hebrew word
Ctrl + F Find verse in current chapter
Ctrl + S Save changes
Alt + Left Previous verse
Alt + Right Next verse
Shift + Alt + Left First verse
Shift + Alt + Right Last verse
Shift + Alt + Up Last verse of previous chapter
Shift + Alt + Down First verse of next chapter
Alt + Home Reach the beginning of the view
Alt + End Reach the ending of the view
Alt + PageUp Scroll the view up
Alt + PageDown Scroll the view down
Alt + Up Fine scroll the view up
Alt + Down Fine scroll the view down
Alt + B Bookmarks menu
Alt + H History menu
Alt + D Database menu
Alt + T Tools menu
Alt + L Web links menu
Alt + S Settings menu
Alt + I Information menu
Alt + E Export folder
F9 Preferences
F10 Log file window
F11 Usage statistics window
F12 About
Ctrl + F12 Take a window screenshot
Shift + F12 Take a view screenshot
Alt + F4 (or Escape) Close window

Future improvements


  • Add a tray icon.
  • Add search history.
  • Add normalize texts window.
  • Add bookmarks and history auto-backup like the database.
  • Add bookmarks and history backup and restore with automatically extending length to multiple of 5.
  • Add merge database to import translated verses from another database only for untranslated verses.
  • Add import parashot board.
  • Add spell checker.
  • Add count the number of a word occurrences in verse view.
  • Add word occurrences label in the search panel in addition to the number of references.
  • Add book translation RTF export.
  • Add book name, title and memo as well chapter number, title and memo in RTF export.
  • Add menu to open a batch export form to select books or chapters to export.
  • Add filters to show all translated books or chapters, or those are not.
  • Improve tanak's statistics window.
  • Improve auto-backup to allow periodic archive as weekly or monthly.
  • Improve import console to support Hebrew Unicode chars in addition to Hebrew font.


  • Add strong's concordances to database.
  • Add classic English translation to database.
  • Add classic English translation label between an Hebrew word and the working translation.
  • Add form to edit strong's concordances.
  • Add form to edit classic English translation.
  • Add contextual click on a Hebrew word to use the strong's database instead of web search.


3.17.1 - 2024.05.10

  • Update SSL certificate data for the web update checker.

3.17 - 2023.03.04

  • Fix first launch error for check settings reset since a previous version.

3.16 - 2023.03.03

  • Add links for ancient-hebrew.org and mechanical-translation.org (website, search words and read verses online).
  • Add links to study parashot and celebrations for yechiva.com and torathaim.net (french).
  • Fix first launch crash for Parashot table since Hebrew Calendar v10.x

3.15 - 2023.01.08

  • Add celebration verses board.
  • Change export behavior to set default sub-folders to `Boards` and `Verses`.
  • Fix auto web check update showing some error message (must not).
  • Improve web update checker security.
  • Improve IPC interoperability security.
  • Some UI/UX fixes and improvements.
  • Code improvement and refactoring.
  • Add links for Peninei Halakha and some others.

3.14 - 2022.09.25

  • Add search parashah text box in parashot board.

3.13 - 2022.09.14

  • Update nugets SQLitePCL.raw, FileHelpers, Serilog and Serilog.Sinks.WinForms.

3.12 - 2022.08.28

  • Add translated word filter to the window of verses by updated date.

3.11 - 2022.08.26

  • Add date filters to the window of verses by updated date.
  • Many fixes in the window of verses by update date.

3.10 - 2022.08.21

  • Add option to show only partially translated in the list of verses by date updated window.
  • Add enter key press to reach selected reference the in list of verses by date updated window.
  • Fix parashot board header growing on changing font size.
  • Fix H'eqev parashah transcription.

3.9 - 2022.08.14

  • Add view verses by date of modification.
  • Fix keyboard notice.

3.8 - 2022.08.10

  • Fix some navigation keys.
  • Update web links with Elamite language.

3.7 - 2022.08.08

  • Fix load and save theme buttons not visible in preferences.
  • Fix theming colors that can be ugly in search view.
  • Use a dedicated folder in application's document folder for exports and imports settings, themes and bookmarks.

3.6 - 2022.08.07

  • Add menu item in Database to open the database folder.
  • Add theme colors for verse number and hebrew hover link.
  • Fix preferences form does not load theme colors.
  • Fix theming reseted to pastel when opening preferences.
  • Fix message boxes sometimes incorrectly drawn like when deleting bookmarks using mouse right click.
  • Remove focused control color and selection when taking screenshot.

3.5 - 2022.08.05

  • Add menu items in Tools to take a screenshot of the window or the current view.
  • Add option to enable or disable the display of Hebrew book's name with its common name.
  • Add option to enable or disable the display of parashah name with the book's name.
  • Add option to enable or disable the display of parashah name in bookmarks and history.
  • Add option to enable or disable the display of translation in bookmarks and history.
  • Improve search reference to replace , or : or - or _ by . (works also for IPC command).
  • Fix commande line go to a reference to replace spaces by %20 (see FAQ).
  • Fix FAQ and help about --translated command-line option.
  • Few fixes and improvements.

3.4 - 2022.08.04

  • Disable text box in verses because not yet available.
  • Fix some controls tabs in several windows.
  • Fix verse title and concept text boxes and check boxes enabled when current view is ELS50.
  • Fix reset button in letters control.
  • Fix export buttons in original text and ELS50 views.
  • Few fixes and improvements.

3.3 - 2022.08.03

  • Add auto-repair ELS50 verses incorrectly generated by a previous version.
  • Fix include original text option for translation view not saved.

3.2 - 2022.08.03

  • Rename export document models that were ambiguous in preferences form.
  • Remove export document not yet available in preferences form.
  • Fix some texts in preferences form.

3.1 - 2022.08.02

  • Fix colors for verse Title and Concept text boxes.
  • Fix volume label in preferences form.

3.0 - 2022.08.01

  • Switch from SQLite ODBC Driver to SQLite-Net with SQLitePCLraw nugets.
  • Optimize overall performances.
  • Speed up data loading at startup.
  • Speed up application startup when viewing a single verse.
  • Add go back and next buttons.
  • Add verse navigator in the verses view panel.
  • Add Alt + Left and Right to navigate between verses.
  • Add option to render only current verse or all of the chapter.
  • Add option to set word translation text-box number of lines.
  • Add options to set fonts size.
  • Add filter verses view panel.
  • Add parashot board with literal translations, lettriqs, verses references, study tools, edition and export.
  • Add goto parashah menu in Tools.
  • Add current parashah name in the sub-title in case of a reference of a book of the Torah.
  • Add online search a word for several providers : Pealim, Sefaria, Dict.com, Wiktionary, Google, Bing, Reverso, Glosbe.
  • Add original word in the search translated form.
  • Add Ctrl+T shortcut to open the translated form the focused Hebrew word.
  • Add Ctrl+K shortcut to open the search view for the focused Hebrew word.
  • Add "Add translation (to a word)" action in the search translated form, in addition to the "Use" action.
  • Add "Add a bookmark" menu item.
  • Add "Sort bookmarks" menu item.
  • Add auto sort bookmarks option.
  • Add book name translation text box in the navigation panel.
  • Add chapter title and memo text boxes in the navigation panel.
  • Add buttons to edit book and chapter memos in the navigation panel.
  • Add options to filter the books in the go to reference form.
  • Add new input panel from Hebrew Letters v4+.
  • Add new advanced text-box for future undo/redo.
  • Add menu for web links.
  • Add transcription guide in Tools menu.
  • Add optimize database menu.
  • Add normalize texts in Database menu.
  • Add usage statistics form in Tools menu.
  • Add keyboard shortcuts notice in windows settings menu.
  • Add and change many shortcuts.
  • Add sounds to clipboard actions.
  • Add color theming options.
  • Add option to theme MSWord export (font sizes).
  • Add options to choose mouse actions on words and verses.
  • Add option to go at startup to the previous verse else the main bookmark else the first verse of the Tanak.
  • Add option to enable or disable the web links menu.
  • Add option to enable or disable message boxes sounds.
  • Add option to enable or disable success dialogs.
  • Add option to set application's volume.
  • Add option to enable debugger.
  • Add option to set automatic web check update frequency.
  • Add option to auto optimize database at startup once a week.
  • Add show usage statistics from about box.
  • Add check update from about box.
  • Add command line options.
  • Change web check update to use GitHub as an alternative if author's website is down.
  • Improve statistics about the Bible.
  • Improve select verse with more options.
  • Improve search options.
  • Improve import console.
  • Improve MSWord export.
  • Improve check update to allow auto update or direct download or open app web page.
  • Improve check update to verify the SSL certificate of the website and the checksum of the setup file.
  • Improve debugger to support logging.
  • Improve exception form to view log.
  • Improve about box to dynamically display the list of dependencies and media used.
  • Improve message boxes.
  • Improve UI/UX.
  • Fix drop down menus shown on another monitor instead of the same screen.
  • Fix error message when several SearchTranslatedForm are opened.
  • Fix error message when typing in the comment boxes.
  • Fix edit books information form : modifications are not saved since an old version.
  • Many fixes and improvements.
  • Replace simple internal command line parser by CommandLineParser NuGet package.
  • Replace DocX 1.2 dependency by the NuGet package 1.4.1 version (the last being in MS-PL, up to 1.6 being proprietary and from 1.7 limited to 10 end-users).
  • Add custom debugger and serilog tracing for exception information with GitHub issue creation.
  • The application now permanently lock database file while running.
  • Move online providers values from code to files in the application documents folder.
  • Move Tanak text files in Documents in a dedicated folder.
  • Add books common names field in the database and in the edit books information form.
  • Add common code written since two years for Hebrew Calendar and Hebrew Letters.
  • Massive files and code refactoring.
  • Upgrade to Visual Studio 2022 and C# 10.
  • Update to Framework .NET 4.8 and supported Windows only 7 SP1 or higher.
  • Update setup for Framework .NET 4.8
  • Update Hebrew applications' icons.
  • Update web links.
  • Update help.
  • Improve setup to select hebrew font version.
  • Disable IPC intercom for non-admin users.
  • Add Hebrew font version available on Fonts2u (can be manually installed).
  • Serilog WinForms must remains at v2.3.1

2.5 - 2020.09.01

  • Maintenance release.

2.4 - 2019.11.14

  • Add history persistence.
  • Fix buttons location when resizing SearchTranslatedForm.
  • Change SearchTranslatedForm and GrammarGuideForm min width.
  • Update help.

2.3 - 2019.10.18

  • Improve UI.
  • Some fixes.
  • Some code refactorings.
  • Setup install SQLite ODBC Driver if not present.

2.2 - 2019.09.24

  • Add option to choose language.
  • Improve UI.
  • Update help.
  • Fix reload data.
  • Some code refactorings.

2.1 - 2019.09.21

  • Add find reference menu button.
  • Add search in book filter.
  • Add option to open generated MSWord files.
  • Add import verse console.
  • Improve reference management.
  • Fix books file names and indexes.

2.0 - 2019.09.19

  • Add context menu on hebrew words, on verses numbers and on search reference found.
  • Add search translations of a word.
  • Add option to define url to open verse online.
  • Add option to set commentary lines count.
  • Add option to disable startup check update.
  • Add master bookmark used at startup.
  • Add bookmarks.
  • Add navigation history.
  • Add grammar guide.
  • Improve UI.
  • Improve verses rendering.
  • Improve translations rendering.
  • Improve search rendering.
  • Improve search filters.
  • Improve statistics.
  • Improve tools.
  • Some fixes.
  • Update help.

1.8 - 2019.09.03

  • Improve verses view.
  • Improve export UI.
  • Fix select chapter combobox.

1.7 - 2019.08.30

  • Add MSWord export for one verse.
  • Auto save option.
  • Some fixes.

1.6 - 2019.08.29

  • Add default backup location.
  • Add auto backup.
  • Add copy to clipboard.
  • Add export to RTF.
  • Fix backup operations.

1.5 - 2019.08.28

  • Add create new and restore database.

1.4 - 2019.08.24

  • Add shortcut for hebrew raw text view.
  • Improve check update.

1.3 - 2019.05.22

  • Add backup database.
  • Add check update.

1.2 - 2019.01.29

  • Add MS Word export.

1.1 - 2019.01.28

  • Add books names translation form.
  • Add search a word.
  • Add open verse online.
  • Add verse comment edition.
  • Some improvments.

1.0 - 2019.01.26

  • Initial release.

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