Hebrew Words


Ordisoftware™ Hebrew Words is a libre and open-source software written in C# that helps for the literal word-for-word translation of the Torah and Hebrew Bible.

Mozilla Public License 2.0


  • Translate verses word-for-word.
  • Left mouse click on a word to open online strong's concordance or Hebrew Letters or search already translated.
  • Right mouse click on a word to open context menu with more options like search verses having the word.
  • Left mouse click on a verse number to open online text with contextual strong's concordances.
  • Right mouse click on a verse number to open context menu with more options like bookmarks.
  • MS Word export of a book or a chapter or a verse.
  • Determine the Equidistant Letter Sequence of 50 for Tav.
  • Search hebrew or translated words with filters.
  • Grammar guide.
  • Links to various online resources.
  • Show some statistics.
  • English, French.


"Well-designed Hebrew Bible app that can serve both as an exploratory tool, as well as a way to perform exact translations"


  • Screen 1024x768 or higher
  • Works under Windows Vista x32/x64 or higher
  • Requires the Framework .NET 4.5 included
  • Requires SQLite ODBC Driver included
  • C# source code included
  • Kaspersky Antivirus and VirusTotal.com verified

  Hebrew Words 2.5

Size: 10.6 MiB
Upload: 26 January 2019
Update: 1 September 2020
Last download: 15 May 2022
Total downloads: 518

French Tanak database decoded by the author

What's new

Version 3





Frequently asked questions

How to install SQlite ODBC Driver?

The setup installs:

In the event that an error message indicates that a DLL file could not be copied, it is usually due to the fact that an application using this driver already installed is running and is blocking the file. You can ignore this error or close the application in question and restart the installation to obtain a driver update.

What to do in case of ODBC datasource connection error?

The application tries to register an ODBC DSN to the registry but in case of problem run "C:\Program Files\Ordisoftware\Hebrew Words\Register ODBC.reg" or open the ODBC datasource manager (Admin tools in Windows' Control panel) and create a user datasource named "Hebrew-Words" for "SQLite 3 ODBC Driver" with "Database Name" sets to:

"%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Ordisoftware\Hebrew Words\Hebrew-Words.sqlite"

Watch the video.

What to do if there is a problem with the display?

Use the refresh view action of the menu at the top.

The software sometimes runs slowly, is this normal?

Yes, because implementing features requires a lot of Windows resources that depend on the performance of the computer.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • F1 : Verses view
  • F2 : Translation view
  • F3 : Hebrew text view
  • F4 : ELS50 verses view
  • F5 : Search view
  • Ctrl+S : Save changes
  • Ctrl+R : Find reference
  • Ctrl+F : Find verse number in current chapter (0 for first untranslated)
  • Ctrl+B : Open the book list editor
  • Ctrl+G : Open the grammar guide
  • Ctrl+H : Start Hebrew Letters
  • Ctrl+L : Open Shorashon web page
  • Ctrl+Home : Reach the beginning of the view
  • Ctrl+End : Reach the ending of the view
  • Ctrl+Up : Scroll the view up (fine)
  • Ctrl+Down : Scroll the view down (fine)
  • PageUp : Scroll the view up
  • PageDown : Scroll the view down
  • F8 : Preferences
  • F11 : Help
  • F12 : About
  • Escape : Close window


2.5 - 2020.09.01

  • Maintenance release.

2.4 - 2019.11.14

  • Add history persistence.
  • Fix buttons location when resizing SearchTranslatedForm.
  • Change SearchTranslatedForm and GrammarGuideForm min width.
  • Update help.

2.3 - 2019.10.18

  • Improve UI.
  • Some fixes.
  • Some code refactorings.
  • Setup install SQLite ODBC Driver if not present.

2.2 - 2019.09.24

  • Add option to choose language.
  • Improve UI.
  • Update help.
  • Fix reload data.
  • Some code refactorings.

2.1 - 2019.09.21

  • Add find reference menu button.
  • Add search in book filter.
  • Add option to open generated MSWord files.
  • Add import verse console.
  • Improve reference management.
  • Fix books file names and indexes.

2.0 - 2019.09.19

  • Add context menu on hebrew words, on verses numbers and on search reference found.
  • Add search translations of a word.
  • Add option to define url to open verse online.
  • Add option to set commentary lines count.
  • Add option to disable startup check update.
  • Add master bookmark used at startup.
  • Add bookmarks.
  • Add navigation history.
  • Add grammar guide.
  • Improve UI.
  • Improve verses rendering.
  • Improve translations rendering.
  • Improve search rendering.
  • Improve search filters.
  • Improve statistics.
  • Improve tools.
  • Some fixes.
  • Update help.

1.8 - 2019.09.03

  • Improve verses view.
  • Improve export UI.
  • Fix select chapter combobox.

1.7 - 2019.08.30

  • Add MSWord export for one verse.
  • Auto save option.
  • Some fixes.

1.6 - 2019.08.29

  • Add default backup location.
  • Add auto backup.
  • Add copy to clipboard.
  • Add export to RTF.
  • Fix backup operations.

1.5 - 2019.08.28

  • Add create new and restore database.

1.4 - 2019.08.24

  • Add shortcut for hebrew raw text view.
  • Improve check update.

1.3 - 2019.05.22

  • Add backup database.
  • Add check update.

1.2 - 2019.01.29

  • Add MS Word export.

1.1 - 2019.01.28

  • Add books names translation form.
  • Add search a word.
  • Add open verse online.
  • Add verse comment edition.
  • Some improvments.

1.0 - 2019.01.26

  • Initial release.

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