Next Techno Composition Preview (2021​.​06)

Composed and arranged in June 2021 using:

  • Renoise Tracker 3
  • AAS Ultra Analog VA-3 All Packs
  • Native instruments Kontakt 6, SuperCharger GT, Replika XT, Raum, Flair, Choral, Phasis
  • Toontrack EZdrummer MetalHeads and EZmix 2
  • Tone2 AkustiX
  • Blue Cat Audio TripleEQ 4 Free

Libre image from Pixabay

License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0



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Is everything an object in .NET and C#?

In .NET and C# all is object.

Simply said.

Even a value type, a struct, an interface and an enum.

One can not approve, but the point is that everything is object, except pointers/references, and literals from binary files, even CPU optimized primitive types, since it is the OOP Theory as well as the. NET specifications and therefore the facts.

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What are classes and interfaces in C#?

Interfaces are to make an abstraction, an archetype, of the abstraction, the classes, of the reality, the objects.

Interfaces are to specify contract terms without providing implementation provided by classes.

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What is polymorphism in OOP?

Polymorphism in OOP Theory is the ability to:

  • Invoke an operation on an instance of a specialized type by only knowing its generalized type while calling the method of the specialized type and not that of the generalized type: this is dynamic polymorphism.
  • Define several methods having the save name but having differents parameters: this is static polymorphism.

The first if the historical definition and the most important.

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What is encapsulation in OOP?

Encapsulation in OOP Theory is the process to mask some properties and operations in the class that will become inaccessible from the exterior: these are only internal things and behaviours like a digestive system.

It's a compartmentalization.

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What is abstraction in OOP?

Abstraction in OOP Theory consists in retaining only the relevant aspects of a real world object for a specific problem.

Thus we talk about abstraction of the reality.

It's a reduction.

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How to improve your knowledge of C#

Study the code of software you like that you can found for example on CodeProject, GitHub, GitLab, SourceForge, etc.

Try to make similar software and adapt them, without plagiarizing outside of personal learning, like a notepad, a calculator, a file explorer, a bank manager... or a game.

Write code, don't stop to write.

And above all, read and re-read books.

Personally, I like Wrox (Wiley) books, they are very good: do not hesitate to read even old books if newer version not available.

Online course are great too, but they don't replace books and source code or professional training.

To be able to understand advanced and in depth subjects related to programming and the nature of computers, we must go to Assembly, not only IL, but native Assembly and machine code.

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Deletion of the Stack Overflow account

After months of growing attacks via Stack Overflow by a small group of people using many anonymous accounts, some powerful up to moderators and thus administrators, despising me constantly, being insulted and hatred for my civil as well as my hebrew name, without knowing why, I decided to delete my account.

It was just recreative, except that. I have been coding for 37 years. I had fun for 2 years, learning a little instead of reading books, and helping others successfully. I had yet reached more than 9300 points and improved my English, despite interruptions and idiots. So much for that and too bad.

I lived 35 years without SO: I don't need SO and neither do SO need me. I mean before 2019, I never used this website, and I never clicked on any of its links, because I didn't need it ; but one day I signed up, telling myself that it might be nice to help colleagues. But a minority of regulars kidded me openly with the agreement of the supervisors ...

The bad and toxic reputation of this website is really founded and worse than that. They said it was not a "democracy". Indeed, this place, because of this small group, is more a matter of military and prison than of computing friendliness and professionalism. Many articles on this subject are available online, like for example:

The deletion of the account is effective within 24 hours and the total ban of this organization on my PC will be done after verification.

Nothing could be simpler to block websites on a computer:

Otherwise there are some firewalls and dedicated software.

People can be so stupid and so wicked.


Of boredom and computers

Give a software to someone, you keep them from getting bored for a few days; teach them to program, they will never be bored again for a lifetime.

In the absence of the villains, I should have started on an Alice with the same 8-bit Basic and Assembler 6803 instead of 6809. Thus as much to say that it would have been all the same or almost, without therefore obviously considering the crimes and the sufferings, since on the way of the TO9+ and the PC x16 then x32 and x64 with C++ and C#, not to mention my favorite tools like Word, Total Commander and TortoiseGit or Fast Tracker and Renoise: my destiny is my destiny.

Therefore even diverted in the details, what difference? My choices are my choices: create computer software, compose music, and study physical science and Hebrew Torah. Then even slandered, weakened, hampered, robbed, crippled, tortured and poisoned, and even without a degree, I'm a computer scientist and a programmer as well as an analyst, a designer, an architect, an engineer, a technical lead, and a consultant. And more precisely a coder. And also a decoder. That is to say that my knowledge and my experience of microprocessors and computer languages ​​allow me both to manufacture software as to transform a program written from one dialect, into another, in order to obtain roughly the same result, and this, in almost any domain.

New project Tweets Inspector

Libre and open-source software written in C# that allows to list, filter and delete tweets from a Twitter account.