Of boredom and computers

Give a software to someone, you keep them from getting bored for a few days; teach them to program, they will never be bored again for a lifetime.

In the absence of the villains, I should have started on an Alice with the same 8-bit Basic and Assembler 6803 instead of 6809. Thus as much to say that it would have been all the same or almost, without therefore obviously considering the crimes and the sufferings, since on the way of the TO9+ and the PC x16 then x32 and x64 with C++ and C#, not to mention my favorite tools like Word, Total Commander and TortoiseGit or Fast Tracker and Renoise: my destiny is my destiny.

Therefore even diverted in the details, what difference? My choices are my choices: create computer software, compose music, and study physical science and Hebrew Torah. Then even slandered, weakened, hampered, robbed, crippled, tortured and poisoned, and even without a degree, I'm a computer scientist and a programmer as well as an analyst, a designer, an architect, an engineer, a technical lead, and a consultant. And more precisely a coder. And also a decoder. That is to say that my knowledge and my experience of microprocessors and computer languages ​​allow me both to manufacture software as to transform a program written from one dialect, into another, in order to obtain roughly the same result, and this, in almost any domain.