Release of Hebrew Letters

A tool for the lettriq study of hebrew words: GitHub.

Project description

Release of Hebrew Calendar

A tool to generate a lunisolar calendar according to the Torah: GitHub.

Project description

Release of Manufacturing Software Guidelines v0.3alpha

Recommendations to create software: GitHub

Main video games I played

Main video games I played: Tweet

History of my computers

History of my computers: Tweet

Opus #1

First musical composition made in 2009 on PC with Renoise and Kontakt.

Qubit processor and photonic memory: the quantum computer of tomorrow article: High-speed quantum memory for photons


SmallBasic to easily learn to code

A user friendly development environment that is very easy to master to introduce children and adults to the world of programming:

Of robots and rights

A legal framework trial called "robots (movable AI) rights charter":

A timeline of computer history

A chronology of the history of computing from the early 20th century: