How to improve Stack Overflow democracy?

How to improve Stack Overflow democracy, culture, moderation, frustration and bad feeling?

I posted today this question on about a widely notorious problem that is very clear, atomic, on-topic and high.

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How to use Hebrew Words and Hebrew Letters to translate the Bible

Video "How to translate the Torah and the Bible using Hebrew Words and Hebrew Letters" :

Release of "L'alphabet hébreu" booklet

The booklet "L'alphabet hébreu", complementary to the Hebrew Letters software, has been published at

Release of Hebrew Words

A tool for the literal translation of the Hebrew Bible: GitHub

More information

Release of Hebrew Letters

A tool for the lettriq study of hebrew words: GitHub

More information

Release of Hebrew Calendar

A tool to generate a daily calendar based on the lunar cycle in order to determine the new year and the celebration times according to the hebrew Torah: GitHub

Plus d'informations

Release of Manufacturing Software Guidelines v0.3alpha

Recommendations to create software: GitHub

Main video games I played

Main video games I played: Tweet

History of my computers

History of my computers: Tweet