Hebrew Words


Ordisoftware™ Hebrew Words is a libre and open-source software written in C# that helps for the literal word-for-word translation of the Torah and the Hebrew Bible verses.

Mozilla Public License 2.0


  • Translate verses word-for-word.
  • Left mouse click on a word to open online strong's concordance or Hebrew Letters or search already translated.
  • Right mouse click on a word to open context menu with more options like search verses having the word.
  • Left mouse click on a verse number to open online text with contextual strong's concordances.
  • Right mouse click on a verse number to open context menu with more options like bookmarks.
  • MS Word export of a book or a chapter or a verse.
  • Determine the Equidistant Letter Sequence of 50 for Tav.
  • Search hebrew or translated words with filters.
  • Grammar guide.
  • Links to various online resources.
  • Show some statistics.
  • English, French.


"Well-designed Hebrew Bible app that can serve both as an exploratory tool, as well as a way to perform exact translations"


  • Works under Windows Vista x32/x64 or higher
  • Screen 1024x768 or higher
  • Requires the Framework .NET 4.5
  • Requires SQLite ODBC Driver
  • C# source code included
  • Kaspersky Antivirus and VirusTotal.com verified

  Hebrew Words 2.4 (10.6 MiB)





Frequently asked questions

How to install SQlite ODBC Driver?

The setup tries to install:

What to do in case of ODBC datasource connection error?

The setup tries to register an ODBC DSN to the registry but in case of problem run "C:\Program Files\Ordisoftware\Hebrew Words\Register ODBC.reg" or open the ODBC datasource manager (Admin tools in Windows' Control panel) and create a user datasource named "Hebrew-Words" for "SQLite 3 ODBC Driver" with "Database Name" sets to:

"%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Ordisoftware\Hebrew Words\Hebrew-Words.sqlite"

Watch the video.

What to do if there is a problem with the display?

Use the refresh view action of the menu at the top.

The software sometimes runs slowly, is this normal?

Yes, because implementing features requires a lot of Windows resources that depend on the performance of the computer.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • F1 : Verses view
  • F2 : Translation view
  • F3 : Hebrew text view
  • F4 : ELS50 verses view
  • F5 : Search view
  • Ctrl+S : Save changes
  • Ctrl+R : Find reference
  • Ctrl+F : Find verse number in current chapter (0 for first untranslated)
  • Ctrl+G : Open the grammar guide
  • Ctrl+Home : Reach the beginning of the view
  • Ctrl+End : Reach the ending of the view
  • Ctrl+Up : Scroll the view up (fine)
  • Ctrl+Down : Scroll the view down (fine)
  • PageUp : Scroll the view up
  • PageDown : Scroll the view down
  • F8 : Preferences
  • F11 : Help
  • F12 : About
  • Escape : Close window or Cancel process


2.4 - 2019.11.14

  • Add history persistence.
  • Fix buttons location when resizing SearchTranslatedForm.
  • Change SearchTranslatedForm and GrammarGuideForm min width.
  • Update help.

2.3 - 2019.10.18

  • Improve UI.
  • Some fixes.
  • Some code refactorings.
  • Setup install SQLite ODBC Driver if not present.

2.2 - 2019.09.24

  • Add option to choose language.
  • Improve UI.
  • Update help.
  • Fix reload data.
  • Some code refactorings.

2.1 - 2019.09.21

  • Add find reference menu button.
  • Add search in book filter.
  • Add option to open generated MSWord files.
  • Add import verse console.
  • Improve reference management.
  • Fix books file names and indexes.

2.0 - 2019.09.19

  • Add context menu on hebrew words, on verses numbers and on search reference found.
  • Add search translations of a word.
  • Add option to define url to open verse online.
  • Add option to set commentary lines count.
  • Add option to disable startup check update.
  • Add master bookmark used at startup.
  • Add bookmarks.
  • Add navigation history.
  • Add grammar guide.
  • Improve UI.
  • Improve verses rendering.
  • Improve translations rendering.
  • Improve search rendering.
  • Improve search filters.
  • Improve statistics.
  • Improve tools.
  • Some fixes.
  • Update help.

1.8 - 2019.09.03

  • Improve verses view.
  • Improve export UI.
  • Fix select chapter combobox.

1.7 - 2019.08.30

  • Add MSWord export for one verse.
  • Auto save option.
  • Some fixes.

1.6 - 2019.08.29

  • Add default backup location.
  • Add auto backup.
  • Add copy to clipboard.
  • Add export to RTF.
  • Fix backup operations.

1.5 - 2019.08.28

  • Add create new and restore database.

1.4 - 2019.08.24

  • Add shortcut for hebrew raw text view.
  • Improve check update.

1.3 - 2019.05.22

  • Add backup database.
  • Add check update.

1.2 - 2019.01.29

  • Add MS Word export.

1.1 - 2019.01.28

  • Add books names translation form.
  • Add search a word.
  • Add open verse online.
  • Add verse comment edition.
  • Some improvments.

1.0 - 2019.01.26

  • Initial release.

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