Qubit processor and photonic memory: the quantum computer of tomorrow

Phys.org article: High-speed quantum memory for photons

SmallBasic to easily learn to code

A user friendly development environment that is very easy to master to introduce children and adults to the world of programming: smallbasic.com

Of robots and rights

A legal framework trial called "robots (movable AI) rights charter".


A timeline of computer history

A chronology of the history of computing from the early 20th century.


Upgrade of the website license

The license for this website has been upgraded to Creative Commons CC-BY-ND 4.0 International.

The copyright notice has been updated in Legal information.

GitHub repositories creation

Repositories for current projects were created on GitHub:


Google Quantum Computing Playground

A quantum computer emulator:


About Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a broad subject open to debate, but an important step has been made in this area at the legal level as in France because the United States officially come to recognize the Internet as a neutral public service and providers do not have the right to discriminate, oppress or block the access and the flow without a court order.

Like any legislation, this is the theoretical part that remains to apply to all without exception, professionals as individuals and suppliers as users.

Indeed, despite its shortcomings, Internet allows to save lives and it is therefore an important technology because it helps to protect people and their health, and therefore the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution, and regardless of the lies that are peddled on it, this is an inevitable means of manifestation of knowledge and truth.

Federal Communications Commission website

French law n°2009-669 du 12 juin 2009 Article 2

Wikipedia article about the Net neutrality

New version of the website

Update of the description of services:

Are interfaces evil or misused?

There are several considerations

And practices concerning interfaces

Some developers say that interfaces can be used as a replacement of multiple inheritance mechanisms, which cause complexity and ambiguity. But each feature must be implemented each time it is declared: this is not an inheritance, this is a wrapper to the description of a part of a group of classes, like IDisposable. It is the same as a multiple inheritance with one implemented class and some abstract classes: it is a particular case which allows only one way hierarchy with interfaces as abstract connectors that describes services.

Some developers say that interfaces can be used to separate the access to an object of this instance. Historically, interfaces are a COM & DCOM heritage: they are used to manipulate components services, whatever objects are, where they are, and how they are implemented. Interfaces are not a replacement to multiple inheritance, they are something else.

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